• Introducing // WOODS // & How to import Presets to Lightroom •

Welcome fellow friend to my very first Blogpost!

In this post I will run you through working with Presets from download to the finished edit. I can still remember how overwhelming this new tool Lightroom was for me once I started working with it, so here are the basics for how to get started and how to achieve an amazing result when using my presets // WOODS // as well as what characteristics the single presets have. 

First of all you need to have Lightroom CC 7.4 or newer installed to your computer. When purchasing my presets you will receive a downloadable Zip-file containing xmp-files and an additional Installing guide.

When purchasing presets from my website, you can download the zip-file directly after your order is completed, or when you receive the order confirmation via e-mail. Please also check your spam folder if it won’t show up in your mail account.


Save the downloaded file on your desktop and unzip, just by double clicking or right click->unpack.

There is no expiry date set for our presets, but downloads are limited.



Installing presets to LR

  1.  Open Adobe Lightroom 
  2. Enter the Develop mode 
  3. open preferences on the left, hit the + symbol and click import new preferences
  4. Open the folder WOODS-LR-Presets and import
  5. You can now create a new folder, name it WOODS and add the presets


Now you can start importing your photos to Lightroom. Go to your library and hit import down on the left. Choose your file and hit import. Enter the develop mode and get started!

Before applying a preset to your photo, check first if the exposure needs some correction. Now you can simply hold your curser onto a preset and you will see a preview of what your photo will look like. If you’ve found the right one just click on it, and you can go ahead with your editing process. The differences of my Presets // WOODS // are subtle, but with a great impact for further editing process. Each preset has its own characteristic and depending on where you want to go they will need different tweaks, or depending on your photos they’ll need no tweaks at all. 


Introducing // WOODS // & its Characteristics

The Presetspack // WOODS // comes with 6 presets, each with a Doppelgänger with a different curve, so a total of 12! Every first version of each will bring that warm glow to your photos and is always a tad more pale than the second version, which is a bit brighter, contrasty and is meant to work for those that don’t want the light or white parts in their photos to look too blown out or Overexposed. This can be a big deal when photographing for example speckled dogs like mine, or white coated dogs, where details in their white parts easily get blown out already in the first place.

So I’ve created these to work on a variety of dogs, but also on people and landscape.



Photo by Sandra Jacobsen @popsysjourney


// WOODS // 01- This preset works on literally every photo I have tested it on! its soft, warm, a bit desaturated for a modern & aesthetic look

// WOODS // 02- more expressive, more contrast, more saturation than // WOODS-01 //, warm & bright

// WOODS // 03- earthy, warm but expressive with a lot of depth

// WOODS // 04- very soft, very warm and desaturated. It gives you a some kind of warm boho/ deserty/ summer feeling. It works amazing with strong grain for an even stronger vintage/ analog look. The Preset // WOODS-04 // will light up your photo quite a bit. Make sure to decrease the exposure of your photo when applying // WOODS-04 // 

// WOODS // 05- strong blues and greens for example for moody shots. I have not added more warmth to this preset, because I really love the cooler deep tones here. However applied to your photo it will look amazing as well with added warmth, its up to you to find out how you’ll like it better. Perfect for photos taken in the deep forest, with lots of deep green and earthy tones

// WOODS // 06- very earthy warm tones, a tad desaturated with lots of depth and a touch of magenta.




When working with // WOODS // usually all it takes are just a few corrections of:

  • +/- Exposure
  • +/- Warmth
  • + Contrast
  • + Depth
  • Vignette
  • Grain


When you are done editing your photo, simply old the curser on the particular photo on the bar down below your editing window. Right click, export to a preferred destination or create a new folder.

All these tweaks are used carefully, sometimes all it needs is a little adjustment around the eyes and of the exposure in general. I have created these presets to work on different kinds of sceneries and of course dogs. Most photos on my portfolio are edited with // WOODS //, so feel free to have a look on what is possible when working with it. 

However, if you are unsure if this preset is the right fit for your photos, send me 1-2 images via the contact form and I will quickly run them through Lr and email you back. Remember, due to time zones and simply Life, I will send you the edits as soon as possible.

Available presets: // WOODS // complete preset pack- // WOODS // 01-02-05 – // WOODS // 03-04-06 and for mobile editing // WOODS // Mobile Lightroom Preset complete preset pack


Thank you so much for reading and supporting me and my pack! If you purchase my presets, make sure to tag WILDWILDPACK on your Instagram posts or use the hashtag #ourwildwildfriends

For further questions, feedback etc just get in touch!

》Melanie, Max & Tula《

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