• How to import Presets to Lightroom // Mobile & Desktop •

If you’re new to working with Lightroom and have no clue how to get started, in this Blog Post I will show you step by step how to set up presets from download to beginning of your workflow. If you want to know more about editing with my presets head to the blog post • Introducing // WOODS // Lr-Preset-Pack •

Importing to Lightroom desktop

First of all you need to have Lightroom CC 7.4 or newer installed to your computer. When purchasing my presets you will receive a downloadable Zip-file containing xmp-files and an additional Installing guide.

When purchasing presets from my website, you can download the zip-file directly after your order is completed, or when you receive the order confirmation via e-mail. Please also check your spam folder if it won’t show up in your mail account.

Save the downloaded file on your desktop and unzip, just by double clicking or right click->unpack.

There is no expiry date set for our presets, but downloads are limited.

How to install Presets to Lr-Desktop:

  1.  Open Adobe Lightroom 
  2. Enter the Develop mode 
  3. open preferences on the left, hit the + symbol and click import new preferences
  4. Open the folder WOODS-LR-Presets and import
  5. You can now create a new folder, name it WOODS and add the presets

Now you can start importing your photos to Lightroom. Go to your library and hit import down on the left. Choose your file and hit import. Enter the develop mode and get started!

Quick Tipp:
Before applying a preset to your photo, check first if the exposure needs some correction. Now you can simply hold your curser onto a preset and you will see a preview of what your photo will look like. If you’ve found the right one just click on it, and you can go ahead with your editing process.

Importing to Lightroom Mobile

When you purchase Presets for mobile use, you will as well receive a downloadable zip-file with your order. Make sure to download on your computer, as the zip-file won’t unpack on your phone. The File will contain an installation guide and dng-files. As Soon as the file is unpacked you can drop the dngs to your phone, via e-mail, air-drop or however you prefer.

How to install presets on Lr-Mobile

  1. Unpack the zip folder on your computer by double clicking or right click ->unpack
  2. You will see 3 folders, each includes 1 pho- to with all 12 presets attached
  3. Choose your preferred photo folder and message the photos to your phone via e-mail, Air-drop…
  4. Open the Lighroom App on your phone
  5. Hit the plus sign and create a new folder, name it WOODS-Preset
  6. Enter the new folder and click on the three dots-> add Photos ->choose the DNG files from your phone
  7. When you want to edit one of your photos, simply go to your desired preset, click on the three dots on the top right-> click Copy Settings-> go to your own photo->click on the three dots again & Paste Setting
  8. You might need to make some adjustments to your photo, such as Exposure, Warmth or Contrast

The differences of my Presets // WOODS // are subtle, but with a great impact for further editing process. Each preset has its own characteristic and depending on where you want to go they will need different tweaks, or depending on your photos they’ll need no tweaks at all. You can find all presets available under Presets in the menu bar.

Thank you so much for reading and supporting me and my pack! If you purchase my presets, make sure to tag WILDWILDPACK on your Instagram posts or use the hashtag #ourwildwildfriends

For further questions, feedback etc just get in touch!

》Melanie, Max & Tula《

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