From the Sea to the mountain top, wildwildpack is on the move. Located in the heart of Germany we travel where our spirit leads us.

Wildwildpack, that is me, Melanie, an artist in its final study stages, self taught photographer, outdoor enthusiast and dog lover, Max and Tula, our speckled companions, and of course my significant other and so called ‚dog-dad‘ Mo.

Together we seek adventures from the city to the sea, from daily expeditions to the countryside, camping by the ocean or climbing peaks in our local mountains.



#Facts about Max

Breed: Cocker-Beagle mix
Born: 03/13/2013
Loves: food | nap time | dummy work | sniffing | cheating out other peoples bags and purses | adventure, hiking and climbing rocks | shares his big heart and toys
Typic: being grumpy and not everybody’s darling | in desperate need of love and cuddles from his family | he settles disputes between humans | freezes quick | very vocal | behind the Instagram scenes Max is a big chicken that is happy to explore, but even happier to return to his safe place at home, however, this dude is fearless when exploring and no cliff has ever been too steep for him | and yeah, food always comes first



#Facts about Tula

Breed: Romanian stray princess
Born:  02/14/2017
Loves: to sleep and lay in the way or under a random table | sleeping in the middle when tenting | running like something in between a Lab and Greyhound | playing playing playing | her brother Max and dad <3 Big Love
Typic: gentle & diffident | always trying to lift up Max’ mood | sharing kisses like confetti | doesn’t like to share or work for her food | needs quite some alone time | always asks for permission unless Max shows her that they don’t „need“ permission ( Yeah, right…)


Upcoming projects:

  • Van purchase in January 2020
  • Van Built
  • spending Spring on the road