Let us create together!

I strive to create adventurous content around my dogs and the brands I work with. If you would like to be a part of our story and are interested in a cooperation, feel free to contact us via for details and media kits. We speak German and English!

What we offer

for brands

  • reviews of products, brands & places (outdoor-, travel-, dog- & Van-built-related)
  • permanent reviews on the blog
  • dog modelling
  • social media content
  • footage for commercial use
  • travel blog

For a better impression on how we work, what you will get, head over to our Clients page, where you’ll find selected collaboration partners.

for people

  • couples
  • portraits
  • dog & animal photography
  • festivities such as Kommunion, Jugendweihe, Birthdays, engagements…

I love to tell stories, to capture moments while they fly by. And keeping it natural, using the light we’ve got and you beautiful folks, or pets, or houses, places, I want to capture you the way you are.
If you live near the cities: Halle/Leipzig, Berlin or Schweinfurt, I offer shootings according to your purpose and wishes. My specialty lies in portrait photography, wich can literally be anything from the above and more. For a better impression head over to my portfolio.

You are welcome to invite us to places, hikes or festivals, just to get to know each other or for a collaboration. We always look forward to explore new places and meeting new people along our travels.

Oh, you’re a blogger? You have a topic to talk about and think it would fit our Blog? Get in touch! We are always happy about guest writers or Interview partners on all things Travel, Dog and Van related!