// WOODS // Preset-Pack


WOODS // complete Preset-pack

add vibrant contrast to your Outdoor Photography for an expressive & modern look


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// WOODS //

Bright, warm contrast is what I’m looking for when I’m editing my Photographs. This pack will achieve a modern look to your Outdoor photos and looks great with cooler or warmer tones. The complete Pack comes with 6 presets, each with a pairing with a different curve, so a total of 12 plus additional effects! It helps you to highlight the magic of the captured moment and underlines its beauty. Cool green tones meet warm sunlight, perfect for backlight photos and moody days!

My usual tweaks when working with WOODS:




Presets are only a base to start your editing process. These start out expressive and will need a few tweaks until you achieve the look you like.

All presets offered here are my go to Presets for every workflow of mine. I have created them over the past year to suit my photography and they may not be for everyone. If you are unsure about wich set to get, message me 1-2 photos of yours to [email protected] Before! purchasing and mention wich preset I should run them through. As soon as possible I will send you my quick edit back.

For more tips and how to get started with Lightroom check out my blogpost Introducing // WOODS//LR-Preset-Pack.

Please note that all sales are final and will not be refunded. With purchasing our WWP-Presets you agree not to pass these forward to a third party.

These Presets are made to work with Lightroom CC 7.4 or newer desktop, not for mobile editing.

Downloadable zip-file + Installation guide


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