WOODS o5 /// Single Lr-Preset


WOODS o5 // single Preset for Lr desktop

add vibrant contrast to your Outdoor Photography for an expressive & modern look


// WOODS o5 //

This set includes 1 Preset from our WOODS-Series, for all those, that only like certain settings and don’t want to buy the full Preset-package. It comes as a clean and bright version, each with another de-/saturated pairing, so a total of 4 in this case, plus additional basic effects!

My usual tweaks when working with WOODS:



> Magenta

>White Balance

WOODS-05 is a preset with strong, deep greens. The saturated pairing will not only add a bit warmth, but will also underline those natural vibes, while the desaturated preset will keep you photos artsy and cool.

Presets are only a base to start your editing process. These start out very expressive and will need a few tweaks until you achieve the look you like.

All presets offered here are my go to Presets for every workflow of mine. I have created them over the past year to suit my photography and they may not be for everyone. If you are unsure about wich set to get, message me 1-2 photos of yours to [email protected] Before! purchasing and mention wich preset I should run them through. As soon as possible I will send you my quick edits back.

For more tips and how to get started with Lightroom check out my blogpost Introducing // WOODS// Lr-Preset-Pack or How to import Presets to Lightroom

Please note that all sales are final and will not be refunded, unless there has been a mistake on our side. With purchasing our WWP-Presets you agree not to pass these forward to a third party.

These Presets are made to work with Lightroom CC 7.4 or newer desktop, not for mobile editing.

Downloadable zip-file + Installation guide


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